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Intap - vehicle seats

Company IINTAP produces high quality seats for buses, minibuses and special vehicles such as ambulance cars, police cars, fire engines, armored cars and the like. The company has been present on the Polish market since the beginning of the 80’s and operates under the name of INTAP since 1995. The company ensures through its over 30 years experience that its products meet the applicable standards and satisfy the changeable tastes of its clients. All manufactured goods are fully made in Poland. A well-coordinated team of constructors and designers take care of adjusting the shape of seats to ensure optimal comfort and safety of travel. Aesthetic and suitable colour schemes of textiles and as well ergonomic and modern forms of upholstery liven up the seats and at the same time the interior of a vehicle. The seats are also vailable in original textiles and in leather. The company is focused on constant development and implementation of innovations. Its aim is to provide clients with full satisfaction by delivering products of the highest quality for reasonable price.



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